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Photography Contests – A list of professional and amateur photography contests. A great way to gain recognition in the photography industry! Check out our amateur and professional amateur photography contest page - Click Here! We feature free and paid for submission photography contests — Happy Submitting!

Social Media Tips for the Amateur Photographer – Effectively using social media can increase your business in an extremely profitable way. Different ideas with different platforms will be reviewed to help you get your amateur photography social media marketing campaign up and running.

Photography Business Tips and Tricks – Amateur Photography News will give you new ideas to try!

Book/Software Reviews – Amateur Photography News is constantly reviewing different marketing information and products that can benefit an amateur photographer in their new business.

Featured Galleries! Coming soon! We will feature different photographers and their online photography gallery. Submit your online photography gallery and we may post it!

The Photography Online Course at Amateur Photography News JUST LAUNCHED!

Learn digital photography, lighting, exposure and more in our simple, step-by-step online course. This on-line workshop will take your amateur photography to the professional level. This online workshop includes:

  • Extensive interactive online instruction
  • Online quizzes and assignments in each section
  • Your work critiqued on a regular basis
  • Email support when you need it
  • Exclusive FaceBook group to interact with the instructor and other students.

Get started today and become a better photographer - Click here!

Attention Photographers:

If you have something to share with us, please feel free to contact us. We always look forward to hearing any feedback or improving our site and/or content.

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